A (much) faster C++ compiler

Zapcc is a clang based C++ compiler, with unique caching technology that speeds up C++ compilations, resulting in much faster build times and boosting developers productivity.

Slow compilations are really hurting our developers productivity. We are excited by Zapcc potential to accelerate our ScyllaDB build times.

Avi Kivity
Co-founder/CTO, ScyllaDB

Faster Compilations

Significant compilation speedups for heavy templated C++ headers such as Boost, Webkit or LLVM project.

Clang/LLVM Based

Zapcc is based on clang and frequently updated from the latest svn.

Full Linux Support

Zapcc currently supports Linux X64. Windows X64 and MacOS support are in the works.

Drop-in Replacement

Zapcc is a drop-in replacement for clang and gcc, and supports all build systems.