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Recompile boost::math example with Zapcc 1.0.1   Recompile boost::math example with Clang 5.0.0
After initial compilation, recompilation is 40x faster using Zapcc.
All benchmarks were performed on Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790, 6 CPUs, 16GB, Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS.

Boost developer productivity

Slow compilations are really hurting our developers productivity. We are excited by Zapcc potential to accelerate our ScyllaDB build times. Avi Kivity, Co-founder/CTO, ScyllaDB

Faster Builds

Significant compilation speedups for heavy templated C++ headers such as ScyllaDB, Webkit , LLVM.

Clang/LLVM Based

Zapcc is based on clang and frequently updated from the latest svn.

Full Linux Support

Zapcc currently supports Linux x64.

Drop-in Replacement

Zapcc is a drop-in replacement for clang and gcc, and supports all build systems.