“Slow compilations are really hurting our developers productivity. We are excited by Zapcc potential to accelerate our ScyllaDB build times.”

Avi Kivity
Co-founder/CTO, ScyllaDB


Baptiste Wicht achieved significant gains using Zapcc over GCC and Clang on his Expression Template Library (ETL):

“The result is pretty clear! Zapcc is around three times faster than Clang and around two times faster than GCC. This is pretty impressive!”

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David Carlier checked Zapcc and reported roughly 2X compilation speedups for LMMS, the popular professional music production platform and for OpenCV, the extremely popular computer vision library:

“Better, stronger, faster… There is Zapcc”

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The chair of Applied Mathematics and Numerics at the Department of Mathematics of the TU Dortmund, is developing a C++ Version of the FEAT (Finite Element Analysis Toolbox) package, designed to solve large scale Finite Element based problems in a highly efficient way across a wide variety of modern hardware architectures. FEAT is devised with efficiency, encapsulation and multi-architecture support in mind.

“Using Zapcc, we were able to reduce build times to 1m47s, vs clang 3.8 3m00s, almost a 2X build speedup on a Xeon E5-2670 system.”

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“First of all, damn this compiler is fast! I’ve challenged someone at school who still uses default g++, and wouah, I beat him from far. All that to say that Zapcc is an amazing compiler, your team made awesome job!”

Théo B. (happy Zapcc beta II user)


C++ compiler guns for speed records

Developers dread the delays for a C++ project to build, but Zapcc, a variation on the Clang/LLVM compiler, cuts wait times by half or more

“Israeli software outfit Ceemple Software Ltd. recently concluded a round of beta testing for what it hopes to be a major fix for that problem: Zapcc, a compiler that can cut compilation times for many C++ projects by half or more.”

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“Zapcc Still Aiming For “Super Fast” Compiler Performance”, by Michael Larabel, Phoronix.com


“I tested Zapcc 1.0 against Clang and GCC on couple of Projects. The performance is outstanding, 60% compile time decreasing on average.” 

Xing W.


“I have compiled some of my projects, which have relatively small code base, and the tests resulted in a 10-18x speedup. Also tried in a larger project which resulted in ~2x. Very satisfying results.” 

Bence Gálai, MTA SZTAKI


“I found it easy to integrate with CMake build system to replace Clang and I got 30% instant speed up over Clang 4.0.” 

Csaba Kertész, University of Tampere


mCRL2 now can be compiled using Zapcc 1.0.1, a fast C++ compiler based on clang-5.0. This speeds up the compilation with about 40%.” 

Wieger Wesselink, Eindhoven University of Technology


“This compiler just blew my mind. It’s really fast. This compiler just doesn’t stop to surprise me.” 

Muhammad Falak R Wani, Masters Student – Compiler/Runtimes


“I was very impressed with the performance of Zapcc. Normally, it took about 8 minutes to compile our C++ project with GCC, but with Zapcc, it took only 50 seconds.” 

Nguyen Tran, Post-doc Researcher, Oxford University