Faster compilations

Zapcc caches compiled headers and generated code between compiles, resulting in significant compilation speedups, especially for for heavy templated C++ headers such as boost, Eigen or LLVM.

Instant re-compilations

Cached header compilations enable instant re-compilation when only source code was changed. This reduces idle time of developers in waiting for long compilations.

clang based

clang is a standard open source C/C++ compiler, originally developed by Apple and now used by Apple, Google, Intel and many others. Zapcc ias based on clang, frequently updated to the latest svn.

gcc drop-in replacement

clang is usually a plug-in replacement for gcc, clang maintains this feature.

Operating system support

zapcc supports all major 64-bit Linux distributions. A MacOS is planned, as is a Windows version when clang will fully support Visual C++ features.

C++ standards

Zapcc supports the same C++ features as clang, see C++ support in clang.

Multicore support

Several instances of zapcc can run at the same time on a multicore machine, just like a regular compiler.

Build systems

zapcc is a drop-in replacement for clang and gcc and supports all build systems.